Cannabis Strains for Summer

Summer has finally arrived, and with it come the extended hot days spent outside with friends and family. While we enjoy cannabis every season, summertime has all the makings for some of the year’s greatest recreational experiences. So which recreational marijuana strains are ideal for the enchanted days of summer? Here are a few of our favorite summer season cannabis strains as well as activities that we think you’ll like. Looking to try something new? Check out this.

As a friendly reminder, be sure to enjoy responsibly in privacy before or after you venture out and follow the rules set by all public parks. 

What is a Cannabis Strain?

The word “strains” has become obsolete in today’s world, and it would be more correct to use the phrases “cultivars” or “chemovars” (or “varietals”). Marijuana plants are cultivated for a specific attribute, such as therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes. Some therapeutic ingredients are better suited to chronic pain, while others may have energizing effects.

Despite the phrases used, we can all agree that the message behind this is: although many cannabis strains are more similar than different, there are some distinct varieties that have been hand-picked and cultivated for their unique cannabinoid, terpene, and growth profiles.

A cannabis cultivator releases a strain with a distinct profile, and someone else takes notice and combines it with new variations on previous strains. Nature is also fond of variety, therefore even though cultivars are bred for specific attributes, the gene pool will always contain variations. When individuals cultivate cannabis plants in hundreds, you can discover interesting features in some of them (e.g., unique growth patterns, different terpenes), which may be utilized to develop additional strains.

In the new year, we’ve compiled a list of the finest cannabis strains for you to try. Whether you’re looking for a calm high or an invigorating burst of energy, here are five of the top cannabis strains to try in 2022.

Lemon OG Haze

The OG child of the delicious Lemon OG and Haze strains is this beautiful summertime cannabis strain. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a strong, fragrant taste. It has an energetic, uplifting, and well-balanced high that’s perfect for spending time in nature. For example, it may be a wonderful addition to your Colorado outdoor trek in the picturesque Rocky Mountains.

With its tangy, pineapple-like citrus flavor, you may really feel like taking a trip to the beach with this strain. Its zesty taste of lemony sweet lemon is spiced but wonderfully smooth to exhale. Lemon OG Haze is equally popular for its euphoric energy as it is for its delicious flavor. The cerebral energy is complemented by a comfortable body high that makes you feel as relaxed as if you were on a day at the lake.

Durban Kush 

Durban Kush is a well-balanced sativa cannabis strain created by crossing Durban Poison and Chem D. With its common uplifting sativa effects, Durban Kush is an excellent choice for an active summer day in the park or on the river. Check out the beautiful lakes or waterways of Colorado to enjoy a day of tubing, boating, or fishing with friends or family.

Durbin is known for being more cerebrally mild than other favorites like Lemon OG Haze or Jack Herer. Durban Kush, unlike Lemon OG Haze, has a little hotter flavor and aroma. Chem D and Durban Poison’s grassy scents combine to create a summer scent that combines sweet citrus notes with soil and pine undertones.

Blueberry Headband

Blueberry Headband is one of the best strains for getting your day started. This 50/50 hybrid strain is known to deliver a powerful burst of energy along with a relaxing physical sensation that keeps things well-balanced. It’s a fantastic morning strain because it gets your thinking juices flowing and is said to help with attention.

The smoking experience is quite pleasant. When you take a puff, you should taste notes of sourness with a hint of sweetness from the fruit. The flavor transforms while you exhale, becoming more citrusy. One final note about the scent: Blueberry Headband can be rather pungent, therefore it’s not one to use when discretion is required.


Gelato is a 50/50 hybrid, although its features may occasionally be more indica. It’s also powerful, with THC levels that can range from the mid-20s to the low 20s. Gelato is superior for a night out with friends because it’s better for socializing at night. The following strains are best consumed before bed:

The scent of Gelato is distinctive. The citrus flavor begins, with flour and yeast notes interweaving throughout. Overall, the odor is almost donut-like, which adds to its enticing appeal.

Super Silver Haze

The legendary pure sativa, Super Silver Haze, can transform any day into a bright and sunny vacation. One hit of this herbal and earthy strain will immediately raise your mood—but not too much. Super Silver Haze tones down the invigorating effects with a nice sense of calm that allows you to ease into your daily routine. You’ll feel perfectly chill AF all day long whether you’re going for a swim, relaxing at home on the AC, or participating in a rooftop yoga session.

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish is a strain that can help you feel clean, peaceful, and collected at times. This CBD-rich Jelly Fish strain releases a surge of tranquility over your body. Its mild hit of THC then transports you to your favorite place with an almost imperceptible high. All of your problems float away as your thoughts stay focused on the present moment. So go ahead and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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