Banana Poundcake Strain Review

Banana Pound Cake, often known as “Banana Poundcake,” is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Wedding Cake with Monkey Banana. The uplifting effects of Banana Poundcake will leave you in a blissful frame of mind. This strain is said to be an excellent choice for your wake and bake session if taken in modest doses. Because Banana Poundcake has a THC level of around 21%, this strain may be too powerful for some novices. The banana-forward flavor profile of this strain will hit you in the face as soon as you open your collection. The scent is comparable, with a creamy and cool aftertaste. Patients using medical marijuana relieve symptoms including chronic depression, nausea, and pain by smoking Banana Poundcake. This strain develops dense, light green nugs with tiny orange hairs and a layer of frosty trichomes according to growers. Paisa Grow Seeds created Banana Poundcake as a result of selective breeding.

Design – That’s some colorful packaging, this is the new holographic design sticker from Sticker Farmer, and I’ve always loved the screaming banana logo, I’m not usually a fan of flamboyant packaging but when it works, it really works. So how does she communicate in such a loud environment? Fat dense fluffy buds filled my bag, with fat petruding calyxes and a great dry/cure as the bud had just enough moisture, and had just the right amount of squish to it. The flower was extremely frosty, however the outer trichome heads appeared to have been injured during transport or while on its way to its final destination. Flowers are mostly stalks with mixed in heads that remain, orange pistils surround the plant material wildly clinging closely rolling into tones of earth greens that shift to more forest greens as spin the flower around, as I look closer deep purples are hidden throughout the beautiful specimen, I cracked open the nug and discovered thick layers of fat golden thrichs that blended together beautifully with those deep purples.

Scent – My nose is greeted with a very sugary sweet fruity candy scent at first, but as I delve deeper, the odor changes to a cakey gas on the back end, one that has been broken up in the room smells of a sweet gas with a little bit of pepper. The gas remains prominent when finger grinding the bud, although it has an herb and pepper undertone.

On the inside, my palate is greeted warmly with a smooth sweet gas that coats my mouth like delicious sugar dip, and clings. My exhale was also as smooth but altered somewhat in flavor, with the same sweetness and spark associated. A floral pungentness tags along right behind them as they combine together; it compliments the toke wonderfully.

This strain produces numerous effects. I enjoyed this smoke regardless of how I consumed it, and while I do prefer smoking from a bong, I was able to appreciate it out of papers, my bowl and my stereomatrix. The stone slowly makes its journey down my back after the first hit. After the second hit, I become calmer and more relaxed; I knew she was a strong one right away. My third snap sent me into a complete state of calmness. As I drew on number three, I could feel myself just melt into my chair.

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