4 Types of Marijuana Orders Available in York Weed Delivery

York weed delivery

York Weed Delivery offers different orders of marijuana. They have 4 types of orders available in their store. The orders are based on the type of marijuana you want to buy and the price range you are willing to pay for it.

York Weed Delivery offers four types of marijuana orders – High THC, Low THC, CBD-only, and all-in-one. The price ranges for these orders are $10-$25, $25-$50, $50-$100, and $100+. The High THC order is a mix of Indica and Sativa strains with a high THC content. It is priced at $10-$25 so that it is affordable for every customer who wants to try new strains without spending too much money on one order.

The Low THC order has only Indica strains with a low THC content so that it can be used as an all-day strain without getting too high or having any side effects.

York weed delivery

The CBD-only order has only CBD strains with a high CBD content. It is priced at $25-$50 so that it is affordable for people who want to incorporate CBD into their own daily routines without spending too much money on one order.The all-in-one order will come to you with a mixture of Indica and Sativa strains; a High THC, Low THC, and CBD-only strain; or all three strains in one package.

This happens because the York Weed Delivery team hand selects every batch of marijuana before they put it out for sale so that each strain has the best possible quality. This way, you are buying your cannabi

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