What Is Hemp and Almond Milk?

What Is Hemp Milk?

The seeds of the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, are blended with water to create hemp milk. Looking to try something new? Check out this.

The seeds of this plant are also used to make cannabis. Hemp milk and other hemp seed-based goods, on the other hand, do not produce mind-altering effects like marijuana and merely contain minute traces of the psychoactive chemical THC.

Hemp milk has a nutty, earthy flavor and a creamy texture. It may be used instead of cow’s milk in smoothies, coffee, and cereals. Commercial varieties often contain sweeteners, salt, or thickeners in addition to seeds and water.

Hemp milk is becoming increasingly popular, and it can be found in most supermarkets and on the internet. It’s also easy to produce at home.

How To Make Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a delicious, nut-free, plant-based dairy alternative. It’s naturally light, has a nutty taste, and only takes two components to make. Hemp seeds and water are all you need! But feel free to add some honey or vanilla extract for an aromatic and fresh milk that’s ready to drink!

With more individuals finding out they’re lactose intolerant, or just wanting to be more environmentally friendly, there’s been an increase in milk alternatives. From oat milk to almond milk to soy milk to banana milk, the choices seem never-ending.

If you’ve read my previous cashew milk recipe, you’ll know how simple it is to produce your own nut milk. However, many people have asked for a plant-based dairy that is nut-free. So I decided to create one that hasn’t been done before — hemp milk.

Hemp seeds are high in protein and healthy fats, as well as minerals. It couldn’t be simpler to transform those tiny seeds into milk.

Hemp Milk Nutrition

Hemp milk is high in nutrients and rich in proteins and healthy fats. It has more protein and good fats than other well-known plant-based milk alternatives, such as rice or almond milk.

Compared to whole cow’s milk, hemp milk has fewer calories, less protein and carbs but roughly the same amount of fat .

One cup (240 ml) of unsweetened hemp milk contains approximately:

  • Calories: 83
  • Carbs: 1.3 grams
  • Protein: 4.7 grams
  • Fat: 7.3 grams
  • Calcium: 2% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Iron: 7% of the DV

Commercial hemp milk is commonly enhanced with calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B12, and D in addition to these naturally occurring ingredients. It may, however , contain added sugar, salt, thickeners or other additives.

Hemp milk is high in unsaturated, essential fatty acids including linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3), which are required for the growth of new tissue and membranes in your body.

Hemp milk is also high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as having a low glycemic index. Furthermore, it’s one of the few plant-based complete proteins since it includes all of the essential amino acids that human beings require from food.

Finally, hemp milk is soy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free, making it a suitable alternative for individuals who wish to avoid soy, lactose or gluten.

How To Make Nut and Seed Milk

Do you realize that the almond or cashew milk you’re drinking may contain sugars and chemicals that are not good for you? It may be dairy-free, but it isn’t necessary to imply that it is 100 percent healthy or all natural.

Because of this, some people are putting learning how to produce nut milk on their to-do lists. And because I realize that some of you may need a nut-free and dairy-free drink, I’d want to demonstrate you how to make hemp milk at home. It’s really simple to do, and it’s also enjoyable!

You may avoid added sugars, additives, and thickeners that add to stomach discomfort by making your own dairy-free milk at home. You may also flavor the milk yourself!

I can help you recapture your childhood memories by providing a healthier alternative to strawberry or chocolate milk.

Hemp Milk Dangers

Hemp milk may be harmful or not, depending on the source. For those concerned about any potential hemp milk risks, bear in mind that hemp milk from a reputable brand that is devoid of potentially dangerous compounds is completely safe.

However, a growing number of non-dairy milk alternatives contain processed components that might be harmful to your health. As a result, we recommend avoiding hemp milk that includes any of the following ingredients:

Carrageenan: This is a seaweed-derived additive. It is extremely harmful to your digestive track, and it has been used to induce colitis in laboratory animals! Carrageenan is classified as a possible human cancer-causing agent by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Natural Flavors: Be wary of any hemp milk that has the phrase “natural flavors” in its ingredients list. Companies that do so are skirting the obligation of describing the use of additives like aspartame and MSG.

Vegetable Oils: Hemp milk with canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, or safflower oil is not ideal. Corn’s production of litres of oil is difficult. It usually necessitates the use of high heat and pressure, toxic solvents, and other unneeded ingredients. It’s a toxic mix that destroys fatty acids’ delicate chemical structure. Soy and corn oils are frequently manufactured from GMO crops.

Hemp Milk vs. Almond Milk

Organic hemp milk is relatively new (at least where the general public is concerned). Almond milk, on the other hand, has a long history as the health-conscious person’s go-to traditional milk replacement. We’ll go through some of hemp milk’s benefits in greater depth later. Let’s start with almond milk before we look at what hemp milk has to offer.

Making almond milk at home is a little easier than hemp milk, but it shouldn’t pose much of a challenge. Soak almonds in water for a few hours before draining and blending them with more water until they have a milky texture. Remove the almond “milk” and set the remaining particles aside. It’s great for vegans or anyone who avoids dairy products. Almond milk has numerous vitamins, minerals, and health perks that come from almonds.

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