The Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Delivery in Toronto

cannabis delivery Toronto

Guide to Cannabis Delivery Toronto

The legalization of recreational cannabis has had a major impact on the Canadian economy. The demand for legal cannabis is so high that there are shortages in supply. This has led to the rise of illegal dispensaries.

It is important for a person to know how to buy cannabis legally in order to avoid being penalized by law enforcement. There are different methods of delivery, which offer different benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will explore these delivery methods and their use cases.

In Canada, there are three main ways of buying cannabis legally: in-store, online or by phone/text message (click-and-collect). There is also the option of having it delivered at home or work place. Delivery can be done through courier services like Purolator or Canada Post, as well as through apps like SkipTheDishes and UberEats that deliver food and other items from restaurants and local stores respectively Cannabis Delivery Toronto

cannabis delivery Toronto

How Much Does it Cost to Get Cannabis Delivered in Toronto?

The cost of weed varies from province to province and from dispensary to dispensary. The price of weed also varies depending on the quality, quantity, and strain.

For example, in Ontario, the average price for an eighth of weed is $10-15. In Quebec, the average price for an ounce is $250-300.

In Toronto, the average cost for a gram of weed ranges from $6-12 per gram and for an ounce it ranges from $150-200 per ounce.

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