Safety and Materials of Sex Toys

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If you’re looking for sex toys, safety and materials should be the first two things you consider. There are a lot of different types of materials for sex toys and some may be better for your body than others. When choosing something from here, you can always trust what you’re getting is safe and made from quality materials.

Dual Density Materials

When it comes to safety and discomfort, dual density materials like silicone are your best bet, as they provide a softer feel but firm inner core to ensure a comfortable experience. Silicone is also one of the safer materials because it’s non-porous and hypoallergenic—making it safe to use both internally and externally. Plus, all of’s products are made with medical grade silicone, making them safe and durable.

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Body-Safe Materials

Other body-safe materials that have made their way into sex toys include stainless steel, glass, wood, elastomer (a type of rubber), hard plastic, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), jellies/rubbers often called jelly or rubbersex toys and even porous materials such as dense foam or porous cloths (often found on vibrating massage balls). Many of these are still considered “safer” choices than jelly or rubbersex toys (which contain phthalates) since they don’t chemically leach any toxins into your body like rubbersex could potentially do.

At all the sex toys they offer are guaranteed safe, so feel free to explore their selection without any worries!

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