How to choose My Little Pony Figurines

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So you’ve decided to collect My Little Pony figurines, and you’re ready to start building your collection. But with so many different ponies out there, it can be tough to know what to look for and how to choose the perfect ones for you.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult—here’s how to choose the best My Little Pony figurines for your collection:

Release date and age

Older My Little Pony models are usually more valuable if they’re in good condition. If you’re looking for collectibles, try looking for ponies released in the ’80s or early ’90s. For newer models, consider what year was it released or when its prototype was unveiled.

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Some My Little Pony figures are harder to find than others—these tend to be more expensive due to their scarcity. If rarity is important to you, then make sure you research each model before buying one.


When buying second-hand ponies, always make sure that the figurine is in good condition. Check the paint job, the joints, and even fur of the Pony carefully—these all add up when it comes to originality as well as market value. And if older ponies have been kept sealed in their boxes, they tend to cost more due to their original state.


Look out for popular characters! As with any fandom fandom-favoritecollectible itemfandom-favorite characters tendhave a higher price tag because of their popularity—and fans are willing topay top dollarpay top price for rare editions of them too. So if there’s a particular pony that you like andyou can get spot at a great price

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