Electric vs. Nitro RC Cars

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Have you ever been to a remote car race? Well, if you have, then you’ve seen that there are two main types of power sources for RC cars: electric and nitro. But it’s not as simple as just “electric” or “nitro” – each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look Electric vs. Nitro RC Cars:


Electric RC cars are usually powered by an electric motor, powered by a rechargeable battery. The advantage here is that these cars are easier to operate, as they require less maintenance than nitro-powered cars. Plus, most electric motors offer smoother acceleration.

On the downside, electric RC batteries don’t last long—about 10-15 minutes on a single charge—so you need to remember to bring extra batteries if you want to race uninterrupted. Additionally, electric RC motors don’t provide the same power as nitro-powered motors (although this depends on the model).

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Nitro-powered RC cars use a nitromethane fuel for power. Because of their higher torque, these cars can be faster than their electric counterparts and can reach higher speeds. Plus, their fuel tanks usually hold more fuel so they last longer than electric cars—up to 30 minutes in total.

However, nitro-powered engines need more maintenance than any other type of RC car engine and they tend to be noisier when running than electric ones (buzzing away). That means that if you plan on taking your RC car with you wherever you go and racing it indoors or in your backyard, then an electric model might be better for you.

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