Dank Chocolate Bars: About Tasty Cannabis Chocolates

For many years, I’ve had back discomfort. Cannabis has truly aided me in my situation, as I said before. Consider: For more than a year without the use of NSAIDs or any other type of pain medication, and I was able to live a full life without physical limitations while indulging in activities that would have concerned me about flare-ups.

Of course, there are a million and one methods for consuming cannabis, whether you’re using THC or CBD alone or a combination of both. (I recommend combining the two.)

I’ve tried everything: tinctures, bath bombs, gummies, gum drops, taffy, balms, body oils, sublingual strips, and vapes — you name it. (My advice is to sample every product at least three times. If you don’t enjoy an experience after your third try, there’s a 99 percent chance it isn’t for you.)

I’ve discovered that chocolate is my preferred delivery method after months of traveling to states where recreational marijuana is legal (and spending a lot of money on research). Why not? Many bars are delicious and easy to transport, so it’s no surprise that they’re popular. The colorful packaging excites me—because I’m superficial like that—and the mystery and intrigue continue to keep me interested. They’re also not a pain in the butt. Consider, for example, instead of removing a vial of tincture from your handbag and tilting your head back to drop the oil under your tongue, eating a single square out of a chocolate bar. Isn’t it true that you can’t perform anything while working in an air-conditioned open-plan office?

Don’t overdo it with the chocolates, and don’t eat more than the suggested amount. THC is a psychotropic drug, after all. Because cannabis edible takes longer for the body to absorb, immediate effects aren’t likely. Wait at least two hours before feeling any sort of head or body high. You want to feel pleasant and pain-free; you do not want to go insane for nothing.

Not all cannabis chocolates are suitable for consumption. At the absolute least, not if you want them to taste good. Some manufacturers need to improve their flavor R&D a bit more. So here are my picks for high-quality THC chocolate edibles that you won’t be sorry about purchasing.

Dank Chocolate Bar

Dank Chocolate Bar is comprised of only the highest-quality and greatest components available. Our recipes were provided by some of the most renowned artisan chocolatiers in the cannabis sector. When it comes to flavor or quality, Dank Chocolates has no rivals. All of this Premium Chocolate’s products are gluten-free and made with organic ingredients.

Start with Slow Star. Each bar in the cannabis-infused chocolate has 1500mg of THC, so take one square at a time. Increase the amount gradually after 1-2 hours. Marijuana and edibles have different effects on people, so proceed slowly to get the most out of it. It’s critical to seal the package between uses to keep insects and mice away (cool and wet will destroy cannabinoids).

The innovative DANK company has introduced three distinct styles of shatter bars to the market. It is recommended that you consume 1-2 squares at first. Users who have previously used the product are free to make their own decision. It was created via distillate.


My all-time favorite Dixie’s Birthday Cake white chocolate bar with sprinkles is hands down. What’s not to love? It has a vanilla icing flavor without being overly sweet. And it’s just enjoyable and bright on its own. That said, there’s plenty of indica in there (8mg per square). It isn’t too powerful or mild. Although I don’t know if it’s a sativa-dominant or indica-dominant hybrid, I’d guess that there’s more indica since while eating Birthday Cake, I feel a general sense of relaxation throughout my body—nothing cerebral at all. I usually cut each square into four pieces and microdose on a regular basis. It’s an excellent technique to relax both mentally and physically without having to take a disco nap. And if you’re into saving the planet, Dixie has launched its Go Green initiative, which includes the aim of planting one tree for each bag sold.


The Défoncé is similar to the Hermès of chocolate edibles in terms of quality. When it comes to chocolate, at least, it’s as “gourmet” as it gets. I like the presentation and variety of flavors. Furthermore, I appreciate its exact dosage. Place a 5mg triangle (the bar isn’t divided into squares) in your mouth and you’ll understand that there isn’t much of a “high,” which is fortunate because I dislike being neurotic in New York.) A single serving will not make you paranoid. It won’t give you the munchies. And it will not cause you to worry about little things. In a nutshell, it’s a feel-good bar with fantastic flavor that’s available in bars. If I hadn’t known THC was included, I would have nibbled on whole bars with my favorite cognac.


I seldom encounter a jetlag. (And I’m probably lying when I claim it as an excuse to miss some social event.) It’s simply a case of good fortune for me, I suppose. However, I travel frequently and stay in my own apartment usually stays no longer than a month. And whenever I really feel the symptoms of real jetlag, it’s almost always terrible. When I need to unwind my body for a complete nine hours, these are the snacks that help me relax. It’s delicious and has a nice crunch, and I fall asleep in less than an hour. Another advantage: sleeping pills don’t give me the same hazy hangover that they do typically. I get out of bed, make my chai tea, and am ready to go. Drink this drink before going into Game of Thrones viewing because you’ll be snoring by the time it starts. You won’t survive the night.


I’m in it for the taste. When I go out for a six-mile run around Central Park or attempt to successfully finish difficult circuit training sessions, I feel fantastic. I was afraid of injuring my back before ever considering using cannabis. However, since then, I’ve established a habit of eating one 5mg square prior to each run, as well as utilizing Wildflower’s CBD 300mg Cool Stick. And I’m happy to say that ever since, I’ve been pain-free.


I enjoy microdosing. And that implies taking a tiny dose whenever the urge arises. There are several reasons for doing so. To decrease anxiety, increase productivity, or simply feel better than before, some people take microdoses to relieve tension in their lower back or after an excruciating Krav Maga session. I microdose when I get a twinge in my lower back or after going through an awful Krav Maga workout. This may be it if you’re feeling a little hazy in the afternoon. I’m ready to go when I take one (3mg) of these chocolate coffee beans. The brand also produces chocolate-covered goji berries, which are good—but the coffee beans keep me alert and on my toes all day long.


Within 45 minutes of eating my first Cheeba Chews, I was fast asleep. Even with just 10mg per piece, it’s quite powerful. I have no idea how it happened, but it’s a lifesaver when I’m too keyed up to fall asleep or snooze. And that’s all there is to it. The firm has changed the way taffies are made so that they can now be purchased in single portions. (Previously, you had to freeze and cut one taffy into ten squares to make a 10 mg dose.)

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